Le GDR3692 organise

avec le soutien de France Génomique et du MNHN


Paris Single Cell Day October 4th 


Le GDR GE a le plaisir d’annoncer la journée Paris Single Cell qui aura lieu le 4 octobre 2018, au Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle.

The French research network on environmental genomics is pleased to announce the Paris Single Cell Day, the October 4th, 2018.

Topics: Analysis of single cells is becoming a standard way to approach biological functions. From cell isolation through millifluidic approaches or high throughput 3D imaging to genomics and transcriptomics monitoring of cellular activity via biophysics mechanistic constraints, numerous scientific domains now question biology at the level of unique cells. This workshop will present state of the art research in several domains and give the attendants the opportunity to get familiar with these aspects.

Confirmed speakers: Jérôme Bibette, Gilles Charvin, Luis Pedro Coelho, Ramiro Logares, Gael Yvert. 

Organizers: Eric Pelletier, Pascal Jean Lopez, Jawad Abdelkrim 


Location: Amphithéatre de la Grande Galerie de l'Évolution Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, 36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 75005 Paris

Language: English

Inscription site is open now 

Inscription and communication proposition before September 15th at https://pasic-2018.sciencesconf.org/

PDF of the program and abstracts